Giancarlo Mazzucchelli CEO Miperval


Our Story

The story of MIPERVAL in Arcisate (Varese), which has been operating in the small metal parts sector for almost 60 years, is a beautiful company and family history, boasting a particular specialisation in the production of small parts for leather goods, suitcases, belts, shoe factories and clothing. In 1963, the founders Carla and Dino Mazzucchelli were inspired by the Italian acronym of "Minuteria per valigeria" to determine the name of their company; the idea to set up his own company came from Mr Mazzucchelli who had gained an excellent working experience in the same sector since 1950.

MIPERVAL is a top-rated firm in its reference sector, featuring a high-profile customer portfolio and well-established know-how acquired over the years. The Lombardy-based enterprise manufactures products made in iron and brass wires – bent, moulded, sheared, welded -zamak accessories processed via die-casting or centrifugal casting, as well as models and moulds: the whole production cycle is carried out in-house, thanks also to the implementation of centres conceived to purposefully deal with the making of brass accessories, including bespoke solutions. Customisation is MIPERVAL's true flagship, given that the firm helps customers – enterprises, designers, or single entrepreneurs – with its expertise and professionalism, with its ability to grasp individual requirements to develop specific prototypes fully: from the design phase to galvanic processes, the latter available in an ample range of finishes, MIPERVAL provides its clientele with a comprehensive, ad hoc array of services.

"When the company was founded in 1963 – stated Giancarlo Mazzucchelli, current sole director, when we met him at the corporate headquarters – I joined it at the age of 14; therefore, I can proudly say that I have been one of the key players for over fifty years. In the early 1950s, my father was already involved in the small metal parts field with an artisan firm bearing his name, "Mazzucchelli Dino": in the '50s and '60s, he worked with the hundred or so suitcase manufacturers based in the Varese area, later followed by other significant deals, including, for instance, the one with Calzaturificio di Varese, a very famous enterprise back then. I am proud of this fascinating adventure marking our family history and my life. My brother and I joined the business my father established, and once we reached a certain age, our parents decided to retire and leave. The same goes for my brother." Hanging on the walls at the entrance are several iconic photographs – some taken on the 50th anniversary, a milestone celebrated in 2013 with a big party.

"The company's name has never changed," explained Giancarlo Mazzucchelli. "As for the headquarters, we moved only once, from my parents' first historic workshop to the current facility in Arcisate. My father built the first portion of the new premises in 1972; we later opened another wing. Last but not least, we expanded the entrance area, thus completing the current headquarters. Over the years, we have been growing gradually, without exaggerating or taking unnecessary risks." 

Production-wise, how has the business changed? "At the beginning, in the '60s, we dealt only with iron and brass, then we moved on to zamak accessories made with casting processes. Currently, we produce the die-casting moulds in-house, a feat resulting in complete traceability. At the end of January, we inaugurated a new centre for brass processing. The significant investments will help us reach utter production independence, from the idea to design, from moulds up to actual manufacturing, and thoroughly monitoring the whole cycle."

What can you tell us about the processing cycle? "Generally speaking, our starting point is an item designed in-house and later added to our collection; said articles can be sold to customers or wholesalers without any change. The situation is different regarding bespoke solutions, developed thanks to the clientele's projects or designers' ideas. Then, we take care of its manufacturing. All the products can be galvanised with any colour, and our catalogue comprises an ample range of finishes currently on the market."

What is your main strength? "Innovation is one of our key assets. Every year, we add several cutting-edge items, some designed and developed by me. We often showcase them at the Lineapelle international exhibition in Milan, where we have the chance to collect the customers' feedback, usually incredibly positive, and meet up with our partners. We actively collaborate with the latter to find the best solutions in terms of colour and size. Given that we deal with the whole supply chain, the products' manufacturing process starts from the yarn, from the sheared metal or brass: we also manage to make accessories for the automotive sector, including buckles for trucks' tarpaulins and other items."

What are your reference markets? "We have relationships with companies worldwide and a production facility based in Mexico where we manufacture belt buckles and other accessories. Unfortunately, the health pandemic has affected the whole world, we have been working at low speed for a year, but we are confident that we can soon aim at higher production levels and resume trade exchanges as before."