VA00163/20 - mipervalstore
VA00163/20 - mipervalstore
VA00163/20 - mipervalstore


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The Mipervalstore snap hook VA00163/20 is a commonly used accessory for leather bags and other leather accessories. It is available in several finishes, including Nickel, Varnished Nickel, Varnished Gold, Varnished Brushed Old Brass, and Varnished Black Nickel, which offer different aesthetic options to suit various styles and designs of leather products.

Nickel: This finish provides a sleek and modern look to the snap hook. It is a versatile choice that complements various colors and styles of leather, adding a touch of sophistication.

Varnished Nickel: This finish features a glossy or shiny appearance due to a protective varnish coating. It gives the snap hook a polished and refined look, making it suitable for more formal leather accessories.

Varnished Gold: This finish adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the snap hook. It is often used for high-end leather bags and accessories, and it complements rich or warm-toned leather colors, lending a lavish look.

Varnished Brushed Old Brass: This finish has a vintage or antique appearance, with a brushed texture and brass-tone color. It imparts a rustic or aged aesthetic to the snap hook, making it suitable for vintage or retro-inspired leather products.

Varnished Black Nickel: This finish has a dark and muted appearance, which can create a modern or edgy look for the snap hook. It is often used for leather accessories with a sleek and contemporary design, and it complements darker or monochromatic leather colors.

Overall, the Mipervalstore snap hook VA00163/20 with its various finishes is suitable for leather bags and accessories of different styles and aesthetics, ranging from classic to modern, formal to casual, and vintage to contemporary. The choice of finish can be based on the desired look, design, and color scheme of the leather product, allowing for customization and versatility in leathercraft projects.

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